There's horses for courses and of course courses for horses. Whether you have a show jumper, pet pony, hard work horse or race bred thoroughbred Capricorn Stockfeeds have a feed to suit your specific requirement. 

Our staple range includes performance feeds for race, sport and work horses. In addition we have feed for pregnant and lactating horses, calves and growing horses, over 16 years, spelling or rehabilitating, hot or fizzy and horses in need of muscling or top lining.

As well as fresh grains, mixes and our own made on site premium chaff Capricorn Stockfeeds carries well known and popular brand such as Mitavite, Ridley, Kentucky Equine Research, Riverina, Pryde's Easi-Feed, Hygain, Coprice, Lauke Mills, Kalleske, Consolidated Feeds, East Coast Woodshavings, Central Pet Australia and Energen Nutrition.

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